Krishna arrives at Mathura

The scene of 11-day Dhanu Yatra finally shifts to Mathura with the arrival of Lord Krishna, Balaram and cohorts here to take part in the festival.

After retiring for the night at Adimata Mandir at Khajurtikra on Saturday, Lord Krishna went around Mathura on Sunday morning.

Earlier in Khajurtikra, Lord Krishna meets the washerman of King Kansa and asks him to part with one of his clothes. However, on being refused by the washerman, Lord Krishna curses him and proceeds ahead and meets the hunchback florist who dresses up King Kansa. But to his surprise, the florist adores him and decks him up with flowers, as a result of which, Krishna relieves him of his hunch. The scene was enacted at Kali Mandir.

On the other hand, Kansa continues with his tyrannical ways of punishing and penalising people confident of his ‘Dig Vijay’. He tours his kingdom and tries to put up a brave front ahead of the Dhanu Yatra even as the cohorts of Lord Krishna enjoy joyrides and other plays at the Meena Bazaar.

Before retiring in the house of one of their devotees Brundaban Bisi, Lord Krishna and Balaram visit Rang Mahal where the ministers of King Kansa surrender in front of them and welcome them to Mathura. With these enactments, the function at Rang Mahal also concludes. The remaining scenes will now shift to ‘Durbar’ of King Kansa at Hatpada where the final showdown is scheduled for Monday.

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