Death because of Negligence

Mahesh Agrawal and his wife admitted their 12 days infant in Burla hospital on 4th april late in the night. But in the next day after noon the infant was no more. Mahesh and his family have strong believe that the death occurs due to the negligence of the doctors and they got angry (its natural). In this influence the angry family attacked the head of the paediatric department S K Murmu accusing him of negligence. In reaction the doctor also misbehaving to the dead infant’s families.

Both of them lodge a complaint on their issues in the police station, and police registered the case against both of them. The Question is why police arrest only the infant’s father Mr Agrawal not the doctor, as both of them lodge complaints one against them. Who loosed more “The doctor” or “The infant’s family”?

This is not the first case or first time that death occurs due to the negligence of doctors in VSS. we are not blaming on the doctors that they are totally neglect their work. Negligence like they believe that their students do the proper treatments to the patient, but the students who come from theory part experimenting on the patient whatever they studied in their classroom.  Students have to understand that they are in front of some live body not in front of dead body.

2 -3 years ago Dr Mohanty scolded to some doctors and students for improper way of treatment to childs. In this case the child died after the operation. The child may alive if the doctors followed the given instruction poperly.  Here we blamed to Dr Mohanty that because of her negligence the death occurs after that we all know she is a good neurologist.

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