Tahsildar and ASI were beaten by advocates

Tahsildar was beaten in his office by advocates yesterday at 12:15, police also beaten as he protecting to the tahsildar. One case is registered against the advocate in town police station and also arrested them.

According to the police, yesterday morning near 10 O’ clock, the advocate Mr Purohit came to the Tahsil Office and abused Mr. BanjaDeo while he is working in his computer room. The advocate worded as “Why had you asked for the xerox copy of WPC no 9400/2012 again” and abused to Mr Tahsildar in filthy language and went back.  After that Mr Tahsildar informed the police about this. At 12:15 PM the advocate came along with 30 numbers of people to the office while Mr Tahsildar working in his court room and started to attack Mr Tahsildar. They broke everything that’s present in the office. He also slashed some important files and took up Mr. BanjaDeo’s samsung mobile also. The attackers thrown the paperweight to the Tahsildar but accidentaly the Town Thana Assistance of sub-inispector Mr Arun Panda injured by this paperweight. “Assistance of sub-inispector Mr Nayak and other police constable protect me from the attacker” said by Mr BanjaDeo in the town police station. Police registered a case case no. 13/2013 according to the IPC code 147,341,332,294,379,427L 506, and 149. Police also registered a case according to the IPC code 341,323,294,427,506 and investigate the incedent.

All this things happen because of the xerox copy of WPC no. 9400/2012. A Government land of 29 decimal in Hawa Maidan near commissioner colony. Only his family was used this plot before years. But recently the plot is using forcefully by 9 families as the plot is a government land. Previously the application for giving PATA to the 9 families was rejected in the deputy collector’s court. High Court ordered sambalpur collector to take appropriate decision for this case as soon as possible in month of February 2013. After HC took decision in favor of him, he gave a copy of HC decision and a copy from deputy collector’s court to the Tahsildar. But he is asked again by the Tahsildar to give those copies and the Tahsildar slapped him in order to answer Mr Purohit’s question “Why are you asking again?” and in this mean time his goggles broke as his complaint. He was asked for those copies as he did not submit any of those copies before. And he did these type things after the decision in favor of the 9 families.  As narrated by the Tahsildar Mr BanjaDeo.

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