HIRAKUD RESERVOIR DRIED: No water for farming

HIRAKUD RESERVOIR DRIED: No water for farmingFarmers are suffering because of Government’s blind industrialist policies.  The reason behind to build the Hirakud dam was to control the flood, irrigation, and to produce electricity etc. Despite the government is telling the water for farming is not to give even single drop to any industry, but the reality is the water from the dam is primarily supplying to industries and here the water is shortage for farming. 

The situation now is that if there is no rain it is doubtful that water will be released to canal.  In general every year on June 16, water release from the Hirakud reservoir to canal.  With the help of canal water farmers do seedling beds in their field.  But at this time till yet water has not been supplied.  Today night at 9:00 pm the water level is 595.73 feet in the Hiradud reservoir.  For electricity production 9186 cusec water has been released.  In the Sambalpur canal 10 cusec water is flowing.  Till now there has been no water released to two main canals Bargarh and Sasan.  But last year at this time the water level was 597.39 feet, even though water was not released on scheduled date.  Now the reservoir’s main gate Sasan canal’s head regulator is divided and is about in 1.5 km distance.  Most of the distributary, minor, sub minor canals of Sasan canal are in 350 cusec. 

So if 400 cusec water will not release to main canal of Sasan it is difficult to get water in these canals, farmers are saying.  It is informed that last year 2005 and 2006 water was released even on June 15 it took 12 to 17 days to reach the end part of canal, so the farmer association raised their voices.  During 2006 because of water supply to industry more than 20000 farmers made union and in 2007 more than 30000 farmers joined this because illegal use of water.  After that the government was forced to listen for farmers.  In 7th March 2008 the eastern Orissa farmer association samanmaya samithi’s representatives were called for discussion.  After the discussion the chief ministered declared to give 200 cores rupees for development of canals and said that no water will be supplied to any industry and the Sasan muhana was supposed to dressing and to connect with the main flow of Mahanadi. 

In the last year 2008 to 2010, because of dressing there was no problem to release the water, but this year it is afraid to be situation like 2005-2006.  During the last years dressing was done and water was released on scheduled time.  Now it is time for the farmer to make seedling beds and if the water will nor release soon it will be late for seedling beds and so cultivation.  Because of the late release of water farmers are annoyed.  Bhibu Prasad pattnaik, the core member of eastern Orissa farmer association samanmaya samithi warned that in the coming days whatever the situation is going to happen, the district management and government will be responsible.

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