Cuttack lawyers resume work

Lawyers of Orissa High Court and other lowers courts of the city here have resumed attending courts after what they called “suspending the boycott of courts giving peace a chance.”

The lawyers of Cuttack had been boycotting all courts since Thursday last expressing solidarity with their counterparts in Sambalpur, who are now engaged in an unsavoury controversy with the district collector.

Clarifying their stand on the issue, High Court Bar Association yesterday said they are with the cause and concern of the Sambalpur lawyers and if need arises they would even take the extreme step of boycotting the courts in future.

“We are keeping a close watch on the developments in Sambalpur and hope an amicable settlement would emerge and normalcy would soon return in Sambalpur,” said Orissa High Court Bar Association President Jayant Das.

Denying that there is any difference of opinion between the lawyers of Sambalpur and Cuttack, Das told reporters “we are concerned about the plight of all lawyers in the state and our agitation over Sambalpur issue is on. For certain pressing requirements, we had to suspend our boycott call of courts for the time being.”

When asked as to what is stopping the peace brokers in arriving at an amicable solution to the ongoing controversy in Sambalpur, Das attributed the same to some outside forces for sabotaging the peace process.

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