Outgoing Sarpanch voted in two booths

Voting in two booths by outgoing Sarpanch of Baunslaga Panchayat of Bamara block has been created tense in the area. After knowing this the villagers created furore. After two hours of furore the angered villagers have not allowed to carrying the ballot boxes from there.

Subsequently, Bamra Tahsildar as a Magistrate reached the spot & have convinced the people by giving trust for taking action & after the two polling agents have given in written the statements about the information that the outgoing Sarpanch voted in two booths the furore quite.

In the third phase of Panchayat election in booth number 3 & 4 of Sargidihi Prathmik Uchcha Vidyalaya at Bamra Block’s Baunsala panchayat voting has been on from 7 in morning up to 12 at noon. But after the polling it showed that, the outgoing sarpanch Savita Patro due to having her name, voted in both the booths.

When it has detected the   villagers protested it & including with this they did not allow to move Ballot boxes from there up to two hours. In reply to this the Magistrate & Tahshildar Indira Sahu with her sub-ordinates reached there & convinced the people.

After which both the polling agents has given written information about the outgoing sarpanch voted in both the polling booths. In this matter, after receiving the trust of an appropriate action the villagers down their furore.

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