One day Feast or Bright Future for Ex-Chief Whip of State

In Rengali at a public meeting former Chief Whip of Odisha & Present Rajya Sabha Member Kishore Mohanty roared that we change the scenario in just few years as not done not done in 50 years . Criticizes opposition over nasty political game. He said this while addressing a meeting at Rengali Block of district.

He accuses opposition of blocking the development of the Area. He said that opposition does not have any sense of inconvenience of  the people & their problems. Except BJD other party leaders do politics only for their selfishness.He said that whatever the progress has been made today that is the result of Naveen Babu’s effort.  Today our Odisha state is marching towards advancement & progress due to the policy of Naveen Babu. Opposition  leaders ruled 50 years in this region, but in the name of progress always cheated this region’s people. But in a few years our representatives have done excellent work & change the metamorphosis of the region. The reason behind it is only & only the Naveen Babu & Shankh symbol.

The exact mechanism of the road was not here, neither water facilities nor the availability of electricity in the area since long years. What Congress had given you these facilities? As they have ruled 50 years over you. But we provided you all these facilities in just few years within our reign. Biju Janata Dal always believe in working. Biju Babu had dreamed of which increment prosperous Odisha BJD has been started to achieve them. Today, the BJD government since coming to  Odisha , with the advancement of people in our overall state  various government schemes are running. More over that we are already provided 62 schools in this area, within a short period of time. Our main goal is to overall development of the village. Biju Babu said that the development  of state and country will be possible only if village will develop . We have strengthened education, water, electricity and roads, etc for the development of village. We are committed to the development of Western Orissa and backward regions.

He also said that Congress only known that one day of feast, meat, wine for you & spoiled you rest in peace. Congress has done the same politics & fooled you since a long time by given a single day feast & charged to the rest days from you. Now I do not think that you people will come into this illusion of Congress, After all how many days they’ll make you dumb. Now you people are so intelligent & smart yourself that no one can make you dumb, now all depends upon you that you need one day feast or the progress of the future.

In this meeting Rajya Sabha Member Kishore Mohanty along with BJD supremo Pyari Mohan Mohapatro along with BJD District President Rohit Pujari were present.

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