Vegetables prices nosedive

The declining prices of vegetables have brought smiles back on the faces of people here. But their happiness, however, may be short-lived with the district facing untimely rains and humid conditions.

For people in Bargarh, it is a problem of plenty. At the wholesale market in Sambalpur, while cauliflower is being sold at Rs 8, price of cabbage has come down to Rs 4 to 5 a kg. Tomato is priced between Rs 5 and Rs 8, green peas is available at Rs 12 and carrot is being sold at Rs 16. Likewise, capsicum and beans are priced at Rs 16 and Rs 20 respectively. Pumpkin and bottle gourd are sold at Rs 5, papaya is available at Rs 8 while brinjal is being sold between Rs 12 and Rs 16.

Till a fortnight back, the prices of these vegetables were twice that of the current prices. However, the traders said the prices would shoot up again considering the prevailing weather.

Stating that vegetables being procured from Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Kolkata will rot by the time they reach local markets, the traders said this damage is bound to result in escalation of prices again.

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