Hepatitis E claims 10 lives in Sambalpur

SAMBALPUR: Hepatitis E virus has claimed 10 lives in the last one week triggering panic in Sambalpur town.
The deceased include two pregnant women. Medicine Specialist Kabir
Das Purohit said it develops into a severe liver disease in some cases.
He said while 90 per cent of the patients recover, it may lead to complications in cases of pregnant women, elderly patients and those addicted to alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
There is 20 per cent mortality rate among pregnant women, especially those in
the third trimester. The disease mainly spreads through contamination of water supplies or food with faeces, Purohit said.
Chief District Medical Officer B P Guru said that unconfirmed reports of eight to
10 deaths have been received by the medical administration.
He said the ADMO (public health) has been directed to take measures to contain the disease.
“Source of infection will be determined and provisions for supply of safe drinking water and proper sanitation will be made”, he said.

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